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The Ontario Academy Of Music & Art is one of the largest and most respected Music and Art Educational institutions in Canada. 
For the past decade, the Ontario Academy Of Music & Art has been providing the definitive standard of excellence in curriculum design, assessment, performance training, and art-based social programs.
Our mission is to endow and develop the potential of students of different ages with professional skills and bring them closer to Music and Art.
Our programs teach all theoretical, technical, and practical skills, which helps students to develop faster in their learning process and quickly move to the next level after completing the course.

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The Ontario Academy Of Music & Art has created and developed a special program and teaching technique that incorporates European, American, and Russian styles of Academic Music and Art Education which enables students to become proficient within a couple of weeks. 
Immediate results are shown after the first lesson. We take pride in our facility instructors who hold the highest degree in Music and Art - such as Masters and Ph.D. Most of our teachers are certified Musicians from the World’s leading Universities. All of our teachers are multilingual and our program is translated and may be taught in different languages. All of our teachers have completed a Vulnerable Sector Screening.


Piano lessons are a great way to be introduced to the beautiful world of music. It’s never too early or too late to start learning the piano. We offer Piano lessons to children starting from age of 4 and up.
Our training is tailored to accommodate each student’s learning curve and customizing approach to their individual needs.
The program includes and is not limited to: learning to read music, sight-reading, ear training, improving techniques, and playing a wide variety of genres.
We prepare our students for Royal Conservatory Examinations, worldwide competitions, festivals, and more.
For the students who prefer to learn music for fun, we do have offer customized program, which is based on Academic Training, however specialise in genre of choice. Jazz, Broadway, Pop,etc.

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For the past decade, we created and developed teaching technique that incorporates Russian and European keys of Violin Academic education which enables students to become proficient in playing Violin within few months.
Our program includes: mastering the proper Violin Posture, developing technical skills, left-hand technique, achieving a perfect Vibrato, perfect Intonation, and much more.
The Ontario Academy Of Music And Art welcoming students starting from age of 4 and up, adult-beginners, adult-professional, and Advanced.


Our Vocal program is focusing on breath control, ear training, pitch accuracy, vocal range, vibrato, intonation, and sight-reading.
With the guidance of our highly trained vocal teachers, the students are able to read music, develop and improve their singing techniques. Students are also introduced to different types of genres including classical, rock, jazz, blues, pop.
We strive to continually inspire young vocalists, whilst simultaneously working to instill correct vocal techniques, provide a strong music foundation, and facilitate the development of healthy self-esteem. and confidence.

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The study of theory is an essential component of well-rounded musical training and is intended to support practical studies to enhance and enrich the musical experience.

The RCM Theory & Harmony curriculum provides an effective, well-sequenced path for developing musical understanding and literacy. Theory studies begin with an introduction to the basic elements of music notation at the Elementary levels and culminate with structural and harmonic analysis at the Advanced levels.

Students are strongly encouraged to include the study of theory at every level, with examinations required as corequisites for comprehensive certificates from Level 5 and up.

We Teach Elementary Theory Levels:

  • Prep theory from Level 1-4

  • Intermediate Certificate: Level 5- Level 8

  • Advanced Certificate: Level 9 Harmony, Level 10 History

  • Associate ( ARCT) Theory Certificate: ARCT History/ARCT Harmony & Counterpoint/ARCT Analysis.


Our Art Program - is designed to accommodate students from every skill level, whether you’re an absolute beginner or a more advanced student. Students are strengthening their ability to perceive and translate the visual world into their artistic expression. The technical skills are strengthened through methods such as direct observation, perspective drawing, life drawing working from the model, and experimental mark-making and material use.

Our Art Program Includes:

  • Art Basics

  • Sketching

  • Drawing

  • Painting

  • Working with different materials including Acrylic paint, oil paint, watercolor paint, pastel, and etc., 

  • Craft & Sculpting



We offer a variety of adult Music and Art programs including private lessons in voice, piano, violin, guitar, and Art.
Classes are offered from beginners to advanced levels. Our adult students come from different backgrounds and experience levels, therefore instructed by using an individual approach. Classes are held in an interactive, uniquely tailored to accommodate the learning curve and enjoyable manner.
Online learning has quickly become a primary resource for many adults who always wanted to learn to play an instrument or start taking Music or Art classes but never had time to do it due to a busy schedule.
At OAOM we believe that Music and Art lift our spirits and bring meaning and purpose to our lives.

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  • Monthly payments are made upfront on the first day of each month.

  • The monthly payments for the lessons are non-refundable but can be credited and used for any other program.

  • OAOM requires 24-hour notice of absence to be able to schedule a makeup or an advance lesson.

  • No show-ups or last-minute cancelations are billed as a missed lesson.

  • OAOM reserve the right to suspend students for non-payment, extreme absence, or inappropriate conduct during the class, in the vicinity of the OAOM, or misbehavior during the ONLINE class.

  • OAOM has ZERO-TOLERANCE POLICY for ALL TYPES OF ABUSE from students, parents, or any family member. We reserve the right to suspend the students immediately if the policy is violated.

  • OAOM requires two weeks' notice on any schedule changes or if the students wish to stop attending classes. Signed notice from the students, parents/legal guardians must be submitted in a written form via email. 

  • OAOM issuing official diplomas upon successful completion of each grade.

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